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    Do you own a blog, tumblr, or portfolio? if so feel free to post it here.
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    We are not afraid of who we are, we are not afraid of what people think. We are adult babys. It is not something we can change overnight.
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    We have a logo or simble what ever you like to call it.But I don't think people like it.Because I don't see it in meny places.But I have made a logo and I would like for people to use it.So join this group and tell people about this group.And put the logo...  more
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    I love to clean up after my little girl
  • 1 member led by doubleshot2
    I love to clean up after my little girl
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    For any SC ABDLs looking to reach out to other ABDLs
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    This is a group for boys 18+ who are gay and like wearing
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    I will admit that I am naughty especially when a mommy wants me to do something. Online I am usually threatened with a spanking if we meet. Usually it is over if I am going to give her a handjob or similar. I simply ignore her. This is for all those who a...  more
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    This is a group for both adult babies and sissys who want little diapered sisters!
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    This is a group for any ABs, DLs, AB/DLs, TB/DLs, caregivers or whatever you are! If you enjoy diapers in some way and you are from and/or live in the great state of Colorado, support the page!