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    I will admit that I am naughty especially when a mommy wants me to do something. Online I am usually threatened with a spanking if we meet. Usually it is over if I am going to give her a handjob or similar. I simply ignore her. This is for all those who a...  more
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    This is a group for both adult babies and sissys who want little diapered sisters!
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    This is a group for any ABs, DLs, AB/DLs, TB/DLs, caregivers or whatever you are! If you enjoy diapers in some way and you are from and/or live in the great state of Colorado, support the page!
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    My babysitter and I is making a group to see how great your imaginations can grown in this Kings and Queens ABDL world.
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    It´s a place for all of those mexican babies that doesn´t have a home UuU, se habla español no se preocupen =D
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    Anyone I'm califofnia orange County or even San Diego County. Join and maybe we can arrange an unofficial meet up.
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    South Bay Babyz is a group for adult babyz who are in the South Bay of California (Santa Clara/ San Jose) And surrounding areas.
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    This group is kind of a question group and members who join this group are welcome to vote on how they wish me to treat my diapers.
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    This is a group for abdls in anr around the San Bernadino, Ontario, Fontana, LA, RAncho, areas