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  • New baby Sister

    "Make sure you look after Cindy while I'm gone" Mom said as she was walking out the door. "Make sure you check her diaper and give her a bottle at 3:00"

    "Ya, ya, ya" Jake replied as he slid into the easy chair and turned the morning cartoons on.


    Jake is a slender 13 year old boy who looks more like an 8 year old. Cindy is Jake's 2 1/2 year old step sister. Jake and Cindy live alone with their mother, Liz,

    who is devorced from her 2nd husband. Jake barely tolerates girls at the best of times and looking after a "STEP" sister is not something he realy cares to do.


    "why is Cindy crying Jake ? She should be sleeping"  Mom asked as she opened the door. Mom has been out shopping from 11:30 A.M until just now

    (4:30 P.M.). " I dunno" Jake lazily replied and continued watching T.V.. "When did you last change her or give her a bottle" Mom asked. "OH CRAP" Jake

    thought. As usual Jake had completely forgot about Cindy. After all she was a "GIRL" and a baby to boot.


    Mom went into the nursery to check on Cindy. Cindy was in her crib in an overflowing wet and messy diaper with no bottle at all in sight. "JAKE MCALISTER"

    Mom screamed "GET YOUR LAZY BUTT IN HERE THIS INSTANT". Jake knew he was in trouble now. Mom never called him by his full name unless she was

    really upset. But what the heck, Jake was always ignoring Cindy and the most it ever cost him was a spanking and a grounding or two.


    "I ask you to do one simple thing" Mom stated " And that was to lok after your baby sister fow a few hours so I could get some shopping done". She's my

    STEP sister" Jake replied " and besides, I DID look after her, well sort of". "You never came in here once to check on her" Mom said. "How would YOU like

    to spend hours on end in a wet and messy diaper with nothing to eat?" " She's a baby" said Jake, "she doesn't even know the difference" " But you do

    Jakey poo poo" Mom cooed "and I think now is just the right time to teach you" " you mean" Jake asked, his voice quivering. " I think you

    should spend some time wearing your sister's wet and messy didie" Mom said, smiling. "Maybe than you will treat her a little better.


    With that Mom picked Jake up and placed him on Cindy's change table. "Cindy's diaper looks a wee bit small for you" Mom said "But we can fix that" Mom took

    a green garbage bag and slid it under Jake. Next she took a beach towel and once folded she slid it under Jake's butt ,on top of the garbage bag. Lastly

    came Cindy's very wet and messy diaper as the final insert. Mom than pulled the makeshift diaper up tightly between Jake's legs making sure that Cindy's

    used diaper was right smack in the middle.


    "Looks like Cindy has a new baby sister" Mom said sweetly "What should we call her". "FUCK OFF" screamed Jake " YOU CAN"T DO THIS TO ME". "Oh

    yes I can babykins" Mom said sternly. Mom than closed and locked the door so Jake couldn't escape and went to the kitched. A few minutes later she

    returned. When Mom opened the door Jake saw that she had a roll of duct tape in her hand. "What's THAT for" Jake snorted. Mom picked up one of

    Cindy's pacifiers, dipped it some liquid soap, stuck in Jake's mouth and than duct taped in place. "This is for little sissy babies who mouths are as

    dirty as their bottoms" Mom replied.


    Mom lifted Cindy out of her crib and told Jake to take her place. "Don't even try to get out until I say you can get out" Mom said coldly :I'm going to show you

    what it's like to be treated the same way as you treated Cindy'. " You will be punished even more severly if you try to take that diaper off of if you don't do

    EXACTLY what I tell you to do" Mom said sternly. " IS THAT CLEAR JAKEY POO POO ?"


    Jake lay down, trembling and wondered what would come next.....

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