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ABDL Pixel is by far the best ab/dl social site I've tried, after hunting around for various social sites for our needs I can honestly say ABDL Pixel is the only one I keep using on a daily basis. With great features and people to connect with, I can't see why ABDL Pixel won't some day become the best networking site for our combined fetishes.

I love the old FB style layout and customizing my own profile to fit my mood, not to mention the many ways people can communicate on this site from private messages to online chats. And of course there's always going to be the pictures ;)


Who are we?

We are a free to use site (but some extra functions for members that donaite) for adult babies and diaper lover’s! We keep true to the community and keep all your friends on one handy wall of info so you allways know whats going on. We never give info out if you don't want it to be shared and give you the tools to make the site the way you want it and make the site so simple even a baby could use it!

Our goal to you!

Our goal is to make your AB-DL life fun and exciting and to help in any way we can... As a community you are never stuck for stuff to do as we offer all the stuff you would expect form a community but other stuff to making fun but safe with better ways to communicate and keep your info safe from who you don't want to see! Unlike the large community sites (non-abdl or abdl friendly) we don't have to many rules and welcome adding links and letting you be the way you are.

Baby safe site

We have a great team of moderators that keep a close eye on the site to make sure all is safe for the smallest of baby but at the same time keeping it fun... but not only the moderators keep ABDL Pixel safe but every bit of content or media you find has a “report” button so just incase we miss something we are on your toes... and if there is a member getting in your way you can also report them and then press the “block” button and BAM... no more problems!

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Features of site

Activity Points & Ranks

Earn points from loging on to the site to uploading a photo... and there is cool baby theme ranks that get better as you LV up.
Polls & Quizzes

A great way to find out how you compaire options on ab-dl relates topics with polls or test your knowledge of personality against other with quizzes.
Find new stuff each day

With Recommendations, Intruductions, Featured Members, Friends Birthdays and Quick Tips on the home page you are never lost for something to do.
Communty Comunication

Being soical has nenver been easyer... with fourms, group topics, chatrooms, wall posts, comments, messages and IM you are always part of the conversation.
Ever lasting fun

With 2-player games, diaper wars, video chat, invite only chat rooms, chalk boards, baby points, awards and much much more the fun never ends!
Personalised and custom to you

All pages and media you interact with on the site is personalised for you ad by you... with profile themes, to media privacy no one member is the same.
Plus Loads More!!!

There is some much more to the site that we can't fit it all on this page, so all your going to have to do now is sign up and see what your missing out on!
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